About Southern Rail

America was galvanized by the railroad system, as it moved people and their dreams from east to west. There was promise of a better life on those southern rail-cars, with hope and adventure bundled in suitcases and stowed in their hearts. Stations and whistle-stops along the way were brief respites to nourish and energize the body. The engagement of people unknown, sights unseen, and smells unknown were the threads of the moment.

Southern Rail is a nostalgic gastronomical journey inspired by the “flavors from the American south”. Regional influences stretch from the coastal Carolinas of “low‐country” cooking through the soulful belt of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. A sense of place is unveiled by the famous New Orleans cuisine so driven by Cajun and Creole cultures. The Gulf coast bounty of seafood and the slow‐smoke barbeque of south Texas all find a home on our menus.

Our all American wine and beverage program is drawn from the passion and perseverance that united this great country. The independent spirit is truly expressed in our hand crafted offerings, with a strong focus on local wines, craft beers, and boutique spirits as our hallmarks. We ask our guests to support local and the pursuit of the American dream.

A slice of warm hospitality infused with flavors steeped richly from the American south, Southern Rail is a place to gather. Whether to meet friends for a light bite, after work for cocktails and company, with associates to broker a deal, or with family for dinner out; it is a destination for our community. Pay us a visit, pull up a chair, and share the bounty of our passion over food, drink, and welcoming conversation.